White Paper

Aite Group: Fighting Evolving P&C Insurance Fraud

How Emerging Digital Tools and Technology Break Down Fraud Barriers and Expand Customer Growth


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New technologies are the key to expanding customer growth while fighting evolving insurance fraud

The insurance landscape is evolving to meet the demands of a growing number of digital customers. Carriers are accelerating digital services in every area – from underwriting through claims. However, without an advanced fraud solution, digital fraud can slow their innovation and steal revenue. In this examination of newer digital fraud schemes in the insurance space, Aite Group examines how fraud is impacting carriers, and how they can apply advanced tools to stop fraud, reduce risk, and improve marketing efficiency to grow their customer base.

Learn about evolving insurance fraud, and the technologies that are key to stopping it:

  • Understand how evolving fraud schemes target all points of the digital customer journey
  • Learn how networked data can stop account takeover and coordinated fraud schemes
  • See how AI-driven technologies can flag high-risk identities to preempt fraud
  • Learn how fraud data can help marketing identify and target more valuable customers


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