Stop Account Takeover Fraud

See how Kount Control’s adaptive authentication prevents account takeover and protects customer logins while reducing friction.

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Identify and prevent account takeover fraud including bot attacks, credential stuffing, and more. Kount Control uses AI and adaptive, step-up authentication to protect account logins. The layered solution reduces friction for good customers, and helps businesses protect their customer data and brand .

Deploy Kount’s multi-layered solution to:

  • Protect against all forms of ATO fraud
  • Secure logins with multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Customize policies to fine-tune protection
  • Uncover insights from robust reporting data
  • Stop fraud, not good customers

How Kount Prevents Account Takeover Fraud

Kount Control combines four key layers: AI-driven protection prevents the latest account takeover (ATO) attacks, adaptive authentication challenges risky logins, policy customization fine-tunes protection, and reporting / data presentation uncovers trends.


Protecting more than 9,000 businesses including: