The Comprehensive Guide
to Chargeback Prevention

Learn about chargebacks – the direct and hidden costs associated, and how to prevent them.


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The true cost of chargebacks from fraud isn’t always apparent.

Card not present fraud is surging along with eCommerce growth. Chargebacks are a top concern for businesses that are expanding their digital offerings to fulfill customer demand for digital purchasing. When companies tackle fraud, they can find it challenging to distinguish the types of fraud resulting in chargebacks. Yet, the ability to quickly and accurately segment fraud can help businesses do more than mitigate their chargebacks – it can also improve operations and increase revenue.

Read this eBook to learn how to prevent chargebacks, and to:

  • Distinguish between criminal fraud, friendly fraud, and legitimate disputes
  • Understand the negative impacts and hidden costs associated with chargebacks
  • Stay out of credit card fraud monitoring programs
  • Implement best practices for stopping chargebacks using an AI-driven fraud prevent solution
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