The Comprehensive Guide to Chargeback Prevention 2021-2022

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Chargebacks are a top concern for businesses that are expanding their offerings to fulfill customer demand for digital purchasing options. In fact, over half of respondents in a Kount survey said they think their company’s chargeback rate has increased since March 2020. It can be challenging to distinguish the types of fraud that result in chargebacks. But learning the difference and understanding how chargebacks affect the business — and how to prevent them — can improve operations and increase revenue.

Download the ebook to learn more about:

  • What a chargeback is
  • Best practices for chargeback prevention
  • The differences between criminal fraud, friendly fraud, and legitimate disputes (or merchant errors)
  • How to use dispute management tools to intercept chargebacks and deflect disputes post-authorization
  • The direct and hidden costs of chargebacks
  • Fraud and dispute monitoring program thresholds
  • How to stay out of fraud and dispute monitoring programs
  • What a comprehensive fraud prevention solution should include
  • How to prevent chargebacks from criminal fraud with an AI-driven solution

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