The Download on Mobile App Fraud

Learn how to prevent mobile app fraud and increase conversions.


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Consumers spend 70% of their retail time on mobile, but only 20% of their dollars.

Mobile apps are the hottest thing in the mobile commerce channel. This is driven by the ubiquity of mobile devices and their pervasiveness with consumers today. In fact, the average time spent on mobile devices per day is 5 hours. Only 8% of that is browser-based, which means the majority of a user’s time is spent in mobile apps. Given its tremendous growth, security attacks and threats have inevitably struck the mobile app industry. Are you vulnerable to getting burned?

Read this eBook to learn about:

  • Fraud threats and use cases in mobile apps
  • The growth of mobile app usage
  • Mobile checkout abandonment issues
  • How to prevent mobile app fraud and increase conversions

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