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451 Research: Barclaycard Payments Selects Kount

Kount’s New Partnership With Barclays Adds to Its Strength as the Leading PSP Fraud Prevention Vendor




451 Research: Barclaycard Payments Selects Kount to Fight Fraud and Address SCA

“Kount has arguably the strongest position of any fraud-prevention vendor in the payment service provider (PSP) market. Its latest win with Barclaycard Payments gives it another marquee PSP logo, adding to its more than 50 relationships with payment providers and card networks globally.”

In this report from 451 Research’s Jordan McKee, learn about Kount’s partnership with Barclaycard, and why this partnership will be a game-changer for companies that want to prevent fraud, improve the customer experience, and take advantage of TRA exemptions to reduce friction from Strong Customer Authentication.

Learn why Kount's solution is one of the best for PSPs:

  • Identity Trust Global Network
  • Address eCommerce requirements and regulations
  • Improve the checkout experience
  • Prevent fraud
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