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2020 Bot Landscape & Impact Report

New research and statistics reveal the broad impact of good, malicious, and questionable bots.

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    Good bots are essential to eCommerce
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    More than half experienced over 50 attacks in 12 months
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    Most common bots reported

88% of organizations say complex bots are becoming more difficult for their tools to detect.

Bots comprise about 40% of all internet traffic, and they perform a variety of operations, both critical and criminal. To uncover how bots are impacting digital and eCommerce businesses in 2020, Kount commissioned a new survey. The results show that costs of malicious bots are staggering and accelerating, and businesses are urgently seeking tools that can detect and manage bots without disrupting customer experiences.

Download full report. Findings include:

  • 88% of organizations are struggling to detect emerging sophisticated bots
  • One in four organizations lost $500K to a single bot attacks
  • 96% of organizations say good bots are important to their success
  • Account creation is the #1 target of malicious bot attacks
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