Account Takeover, Game Over: The Prevalence of ATO Attacks on Gamers

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Emerging and evolving fraud trends are putting account takeover attacks on the rise across industries. Fraudsters target customer accounts for the value they store: credit card numbers, rewards points, personal identifier information, and more.

The increased demand for online purchase options makes user accounts attractive for businesses. But that perk is also a liability, especially in the online gaming industry.

To learn more about the prevalence and effects of account takeover attacks on the gaming industry, Kount went to the source. We surveyed over 1,000 consumers who have purchased video games in the last year to find out how often they experience unusual account activity and what they think gaming companies can do about it.

Download the survey to learn more about:

  • How often consumers surveyed made online gaming purchases
  • How much consumers surveyed spent on an average purchase
  • How many times consumers surveyed were hacked or experienced unusual activity on their gaming accounts
  • If consumers surveyed have ever disputed a gaming purchase and why
  • What consumers surveyed think developers could do to improve confidence in gaming account security
  • What events would prompt consumers surveyed to stop playing a game indefinitely

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