Industry Report

2021 Paladin Vendor Report on Kount

An expert overview of Kount’s fraud prevention technologies, products, features, and services.




2021 Paladin Vendor Report on Kount, an Equifax Company

Get Paladin’s in-depth report on Kount’s technology and products, based on hours of interviews and hands-on product experience. The report covers the core functionalities that elevate Kount’s leading Identity Trust Platform. Plus, it explains how they work together to protect the entire customer journey for 9,000+ customers.

Download Paladin’s expert overview of Kount to learn:

  • The core functionalities in effective fraud prevention solutions
  • How Kount protects accounts and prevents payments fraud
  • How AI-driven decisions can stop fraud accurately and in real time
  • The products, features, and services available through Kount

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