Webinar | Tuesday, March 21, 2023 

Explaining Visa CE3.0 - A Fireside Chat with Kount, Midigator and Verifi

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Visa CE 3.0 is poised to do something no other risk initiative has done to date: bridge pre-authorization and post-authorization processes. It is essentially two sides of the same coin, addressing fraud and chargebacks to offer unprecedented revenue protection opportunities. Watch Kount, Midigator, and Verifi in a discussion now to learn the true potential of Visa CE 3.0.

  • Understand what’s involved in a complete protection strategy
  • Get tips to simplify and accelerate implementation
  • Analyze data to anticipate the potential impact on your bottom line

Who should watch?

Kount customers | IT/Operations managers | Risk managers | Payment managers | Fraud managers | E-commerce managers | M-commerce managers | Finance professionals

October 29, 2021
October 30, 2021
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