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Kount Command

  • Protect against chargebacks and disputes
  • Reduce false positives
  • Increase approval rates
  • Reduce manual reviews
  • Automate decisions
  • Increase operational efficiencies

Kount Control

  • Protect customer accounts
  • Fine-tune protection against account takeover
  • Uncover fraud trends
  • Personalize customer experiences
  • Reduce customer friction

Kount Central

  • Offer industry-leading fraud protection to merchants
  • Gain new revenue streams
  • Access merchant risk reporting
  • Deliver immediate results
  • Offer fast integration for merchants

More Kount Products and Services

• Bot detection

• Friendly fraud prevention

• Data on Demand

• Professional support engagements

• Dispute management

• Dozens of use cases

See Immediate Results

Reduce Chargebacks
Stop criminal and friendly
fraud to reduce
chargebacks up to 99%.

Automate Decisions
Make accurate decisions in
real time to reduce manual
reviews up to 83%.

Maximize Conversions
Save the sale and grow
revenue by decreasing
false positives up to 70%.

Reduce Friction
Accurately identify good
customers to improve their

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