Virtual Event | Thursday, April 16, 2020

Digital Protection Summit 2020

Learn about the trends and best practices in digital innovation and fraud protection.

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Digital innovation and fraud protection is advancing rapidly. During this virtual event, industry experts discuss about trends and best practices for protecting and growing your company’s digital innovation.

Welcome Address

Presented by Brad Wiskirchen, Chief Executive Officer, Kount


Featured Keynote: The Evolution of Digital Identity in a B2C World

Presented by Jonathan Care, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner
Moderated by Emily Valla, Sr. Corporate Communications Manager, Kount


Identity Trust Global Network, Emerging Fraud, and Security Trends

Presented by Rich Stuppy, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Kount
Moderated by Emily Valla, Sr. Corporate Communications Manager, Kount

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The fraud landscape will continue to evolve as perpetrators, regulators, and consumers react to market changes. This session will explore current fraud /ATO tactics and how to establish a level of trust behind every digital interaction in real-time.


Enabling New Revenue Channels: Omnichannel, Cross-Border, and Loyalty

Presented by Patrick Finnigan, Director, Loss Prevention Analytics & Fraud, Dunkin’
Presented by Bethany Morgan, Fraud Manager, Fetch
Presented by Chadwick Hamby, Sr. Director, Global Ecommerce Operations, GNC
Moderated by Cindy Turner, MD, Head of Core Product, JPM Merchant Services

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AI-driven fraud prevention is enabling new revenue channels and growth by reducing false positives and friction for new customers. Learn how digital merchants are using the largest identity trust global network to innovate and grow their omnichannel approach, international presence, and loyalty programs.


The Next Wave of AI Technologies to Enhance Your Fraud Prevention

Presented by Josh Johnston, Director of AI Science, Kount
Moderated by Melayna Gabiou, Marketing Director, Kount

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Artificial Intelligence in the 2010s was dominated by machine learning, with deep neural networks and reinforcement learning delivering advancements in image captioning, natural language translation, and game playing. But the unstructured, changing nature of fraud was ill-suited to the complexity of machine learning, slowing the advancement of automated fraud detection.

During this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Criteria to identify high-ROI AI opportunities including the successes and challenges Kount has seen pursuing them
  • Strategies for maturing AI and ML teams and broadening the ability to incorporate these technologies
  • How next wave AI technologies like network analysis, expert knowledge transfer, and small sample learning may be better suited to the fraud domain than supervised machine learning


How to Identify and Prevent Friendly Fraud

Presented by Greg Andrews, VP of Risk Management, Entertainment Benefits Group
Presented by Scott Adams, CEO and Founder, FraudPVP
Presented by Joe Notari, Risk Strategy Manager, 14 West
Moderated by Robert Painter, Account Executive, Kount

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Friendly Fraud, or fraud perpetrated by existing customers, can account for 60%-80% of chargebacks. But friendly fraud is difficult to distinguish from criminal fraud and legitimate disputes. The ability to quickly and accurately identify different types of fraud can improve operations, increase revenue, and reduce customer friction. Learn from a panel of industry experts how they’ve managed the impacts of friendly fraud, including the steps and tools they’ve used to deploy a proven strategy.


Protecting Your Customers from Fraud in Turbulent Times

Presented by Lyz Nesvold, Director of Risk Service Management, Clickbank
Presented by Max Lessman, Strategic Account Manager, Ekata
Presented by Sam Pascoe, Strategic Partnership Manager, Ekata

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As COVID-19 continues to impact people and businesses around the world, merchants must adapt to evolving expectations from their customers. Ecommerce transactions will accelerate as consumers rely more on delivery of essential goods, and this shift in shopping behavior increases exposure to digital fraud. Companies must find a way to quickly and accurately assess the risk of each transaction to protect themselves and their customers from insult, account takeover, shipping fraud attempts, and more.

In this session, learn how merchants can leverage the power of authoritative and behavioral data to make the most informed decisions while protecting their customers.


Next Generation Dispute Resolution & Customer Experience

Presented by Conlen Pritchett, Sr Manager Strategic Partnerships, Ethoca
Moderated by Melayna Gabiou, Marketing Director, Kount

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Despite ongoing process improvements and new mitigation solutions, the ecommerce industry is expected to lose $31 billion to chargebacks in 2020. But why is this the case? What can merchants do to protect themselves against fraud – friendly or otherwise – and improve the customer experience when it comes to managing disputes?

Attend this presentation to learn about the chargeback lifecycle and strategies businesses need to ensure they protect themselves from this costly threat.


Choosing Your Fraud Prevention Deployment Method

Presented by Wendi Lete, Director of Professional and Guarantee Services, Kount
Moderated by Casey Zenner, Enterprise Sales Director, Kount

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Whether you’re looking for policy optimization, guarantee protection, managed services, or other SaaS deployment methods, Kount has you covered. This session is for businesses looking to establish trust and risk management strategies, success measurements, and greater collaboration with their providers. We’ll discuss recognizing your fraud prevention potential and how to select the appropriate fraud prevention deployment strategy.


Closing Remarks and Awards

Presented by Brad Wiskirchen, Chief Executive Officer, Kount

Who should watch?

IT/Operations, Payment Managers, Fraud Managers, Risk Managers, eCommerce Managers, mCommerce Managers, Finance Professionals.

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