Webinar | Wednesday, April 8, 2020

How to Stop the Fast-Moving Target of Account Takeover with Adaptive Protection


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Find out how to identify and protect against account takeover fraud with these expert strategies.

Account takeover (ATO) fraud is evolving rapidly. Its impact on businesses extends beyond financial loss to poor customer experiences that cause long-term brand reputation damage. In this webinar, experts share insights on the shifting tactics of ATO fraud, the elements of adaptive ATO fraud protection, and how to adapt friction levels to deliver desired customer experiences in real-time.

Discussion topics include:

  • The evolving landscape and tactics of ATO fraud
  • Motivators and identifiers of ATO attempts
  • Use cases and benefits of Kount’s new adaptive ATO protection
  • How to provide personalized customer experiences in real-time


  • Julie-Conroy.jpg

    Julie Conroy

    Research DirectorAite Group

  • sven_hindman.jpg

    Sven Hindman

    Product ManagerKount


  • Alison_Simpson.jpg

    Alison Simpson

    Sr. Partner/Customer Marketing ManagerKount

Who Should Watch?

IT/Operations Managers, Risk Managers, Payment Managers, Fraud Managers, eCommerce Managers, mCommerce Managers, Finance Professionals

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