Webinar | Thursday, May 27, 2021

How a Multi-Million Dollar Company Manages International Payments and Fraud

Featuring BlueSnap, the All-in-One Payment Platform for Global Business

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Enterprise operations are complex – large teams manage payments across different channels and countries. Without a flexible approach to payments and fraud prevention, you might fix something in one region that disrupts operations in another. Learn how Arbonne solved this problem by partnering with global payment and fraud solutions that communicate and adapt. And find out how they used AI and targeted consulting to optimize fraud protection, automate order decisioning, and enable international commerce.

Discussion topics include:

  • Consolidating your payment and fraud technology stack to simplify global eCommerce
  • Managing multiple payment methods and international currencies
  • Adapting fraud protection and payments to regional challenges and regulations
  • Automating order reviews to reduce costs, increase conversions, and accelerate sales
  • Reducing chargeback rates and avoid fraud monitoring programs


  • Jamie-Kinshella.jpg

    Jamie Kinshella

    Partner Business Manager


  • Astrid

    Astrid Van Ruymbeke



  • Shelby Vignes

    Shelby Vignes

    Manager, Internal Controls and E-Commerce Fraud


  • John Pleau

    John Pleau

    Senior Director of Global Sales



  • melayna_gabiou_2017-9.jpg

    Melayna Gabiou

    Sr. Director of Growth Marketing


Who should attend?

IT/Operations Managers, Risk Managers, Payment Managers, Fraud Managers, eCommerce Managers, mCommerce Managers, Finance Professionals