Webinar | Wednesday, June 16, 2021

How to Protect and Grow Sales Like JOANN and Conair

Learn how to adapt quickly and easily to e-commerce changes using Kount and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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Last year, JOANN saw its monthly online transaction volume jump unexpectedly from 300k to 3 million. At the same time, Conair needed to protect an increase in Canadian transactions. Sudden changes like these can disrupt operations and expose your business to new fraud losses – unless you’re prepared.

Learn how Kount’s fraud prevention cartridge made it easy for JOANN and Conair to protect and grow sales on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, all without increasing their teams.

We discuss how JOANN and Conair were able to:

  • Manage enterprise sales volumes with a 1-person team
  • Quickly adapt policies to protect a new BOPIS channel
  • Safely grow domestic and international sales
  • Stop retail arbitrage and resellers to improve customer experiences
  • Implement Kount's fraud protection quickly and easily on SFCC
  • Keep chargebacks and manual reviews low when digital demand spikes


  • Dara Meath

    Dara Meath

    Chief Information Officer, Head of Digital & Ecommerce


  • Jennifer Zammikiel

    Jennifer Zammikiel

    Manager, Treasury Operations


  • brady_harrison_new.jpg

    Brady Harrison

    Sr. Data Analyst



  • Emily_Valla.jpeg

    Emily Valla

    Corporate Communications Director


Who should attend?

IT/Operations Managers, Risk Managers, Payment Managers, Fraud Managers, eCommerce Managers, mCommerce Managers, Finance Professionals