Webinar | Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The State of eCommerce Fraud Prevention


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Learn about the latest fraud prevention benchmarks and strategies classified by nearly 20 different industries.

The Fraud Prevention Industry Benchmarks survey was launched to assess how those involved in card-not-present fraud prevention rank when it comes to chargebacks, manual reviews, and false positives. Results unearth insights from industry peers about performance related to managing fraud for online and mobile commerce. Industries represented include retail, digital goods, food services, travel, ticketing, electronics and more.

Watch this webinar and you’ll learn findings related to:

  • Chargeback rates and the most common sources
  • Impact of manual reviews and false positives
  • Mobile channel challenges and share of revenue
  • Overall fraud prevention performance and strategies utilized


  • Joy Griffith

    Joy Griffith

    Senior Director Payments and Risk ManagementGetty Images

  • Diego Martins

    Diego Martins

    Senior Fraud AnalystGetty Images

  • Don Bush

    Don Bush

    VP MarketingKount


  • Will Hernandex

    Will Hernandex

    EditorMobile Payments Today

Who should watch?

Job titles including Payment Managers, Fraud Managers, Risk Managers, eCommerce Managers, M-commerce managers, Finance Professionals, IT/Operations

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