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Staying Ahead of Fraud and Cybercrime with Next-Generation Fraud Management Technology


  • IDC
  • Kount

AI-based fraud management technology can help companies achieve desired business outcomes while maintaining an appropriate level of risk mitigation.

The world of ecommerce is transforming as companies look to expand digital offerings, open new channels, and enhance the customer experience. New digital offerings and channels, however, introduce more risk and opportunities for fraud and cybercrime. There is a need across merchants and banks for new, fraud prevention platforms driven by artificial intelligence (AI). The next-generation fraud prevention solution will enable business lines to balance desired outcomes with appropriate risk thresholds that can be adjusted to the organization’s tolerance levels for fraud, chargebacks, and declines.

Download the white paper to learn about:

  • Evolving digital commerce requirements
  • Aligning fraud management with business outcomes
  • Understanding the AI framework for fraud prevention
  • Benefits of an intelligent fraud analytics engine

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