White Paper

The State of CNP False Positives: 2018 Report

Learn about industry benchmarks and key insights related to false positives.


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  • The Fraud Practice

False positives are a major source of lost revenue and often the least understood aspect of risk management.

Also known as sales insults or false declines, false positives offend customers and hurt profits. However, due to the lack of understanding, many organizations underestimate or ignore false positives. The innagural State of False Positives survey was designed to gain insight into challenges that merchant respondents have with understanding, tracking and managing false positives. The report also uncovers what initiatives the 330 respondents have planned to better understand and reduce false positives, what tools are most effective at reducing false positives and the top pitfalls that increase false positive rates.

Download the report to find out more about:

  • Current and target false positive rates
  • Benchmarks and trends across multiple industries
  • Tools and strategies to reduce false positives
  • Top 10 pitfalls leading to higher false positive rates

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