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Mobile Payments and Fraud: 2018 Report

Learn about industry benchmarks and critical findings related to mobile payments and fraud.


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  • The Fraud Practice

Detecting fraudulent orders is one of the top 3 challenges for merchants in the mobile channel.

Not all organizations are created equal in terms of how they manage mobile payments and fraud. For the first time in the six consecutive years of this survey, more merchants support mobile apps than a dedicated mobile website for online shopping. This year’s results uncover critical findings for payment options, channel risk, fraud strategies and more. Gain access to over 50 pages of data from more than 600 survey respondents of merchants across all sizes and various industries.

Download the report to find out more about:

  • Current and future mobile revenue share
  • Changes in mobile payment options
  • Market segments that are leading the way in mobile support
  • Mobile channel fraud prevention tools and services

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